Avon Tyrrell Day 4

Thursday: Raft Building

Year 6 split into two teams and our instructors, Jamie and Reece took charge. In no time at all the children were busy designing rafts and constructing them using barrels, planks of wood and rope. Jamie’s group designed a t-shaped raft that was really well tied together, whereas Reece’s group had an H-shape, which looked like a better design, but the knot-work looked iffy. It didn’t take long for both teams to be in the water, sailing around a beautiful lake, being splashed by the instructors and playing games. Surprisingly, both rafts stayed afloat, but unsurprisingly, half of the children jumped in and ended up soaked. It was one of the best activities they have completed so far, and the smiles improved with the teamwork.

Despite the rain, Group 1 had an amazing experience in the bush. Sticks of varying sizes were collected and fires were lit with flints and cotton wool. Kelley kettles were filled and hot chocolate created. We then moved onto homemade donuts cooked over the camp fire. It was so much fun and delicious!

AT Bushcraft

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