Home Learning

In setting home learning, our primary aim is to engage parents in their children’s learning. We define homework as any activity that pupils undertake outside of school lesson time. This is primarily the practise of key skills as well as some specific, set tasks. Please read the HOMEWORK EXPECTATIONS tab for the full details, including timings.

We use the online platforms Numbots and Manga High as our weekly home learning. We love it because teachers can set specific tasks to suit each child and then see how the children get on. The tasks are really rich and varied and children can also drive their own learning.

We ask parents to focus on key skills in their home learning. We think they are really important building blocks to children’s learning. Our seven key skills are: reading, handwriting, typing, spelling, times tables, number bonds and physical development. Our KEY SKILLS can be seen in full by clicking the tab. There is also an introductory video, where you can see one in action, that can be seen here: https://youtu.be/6MEOR_vONkM . Parents and teachers can use the key skills progression document to ascertain the next steps for the children and to ensure the time invested is pitched at just the right level for their child.

Covid-19 Provision

We have set our home learning systems up in a way that makes the transition to full time learning from home, as  straightforward as possible. Children are asked to focus on the key skills and are well-versed in using online platforms too. In addition, we will provide a flexible ‘choosing board’ of varied curriculum based activities to undertake. These will align closely to the school curriculum and will feature a mixture of instructional videos, links to useful websites, some live learning opportunities and activities which can be self-led. The full details of our remote learning provision can be found by clicking the COVID-19 PROVISION tab.

Reading at home

There are two videos which would recommend you watch in order to gain a better understanding of how you can help your child progress with their reading at home. The first of which is a Read Write Inc. workshop for parents by Mrs Brown and the second is workshop for the parents of confident readers by Miss Gibbs. These can be accessed via the buttons below.