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I have been a deputy head for the past 10 years at Southill Primary School in Weymouth and I am very excited to be taking up my first headship at Bere Regis Primary School.
During my time at Southill I was acting Headteacher for a year and a term. It was certainly an eye opener coming out of the classroom and onto the swivel chair! The experience gave me the chance to test my skills and abilities (and patience), but also made me realise that I really wanted to be a Headteacher.

Prior to teaching at Southill I spent 9 years as a Numeracy Consultant for Tower Hamlets and Maths Advisor for Poole LEA. As a result I am passionate about maths and it is my favourite subject to teach. After a year with me the majority of children in my class end up loving maths. I have even managed to convince some parents that maths is pretty good as well!

My partner and I live in Weymouth and we have 3 children, 2 daughters and a son. I enjoy swimming and am a member of Weyport Masters, where I try to swim in the pool twice a week and Dorset Open Water Squad, which involves swimming in the sea, lakes and rivers. My longest swim to date has been Lake Zurich (26 km). I finished my last sea swim for the year at the end of October and will begin again when the clocks go forward. This September I completed my first triathlon in the Weymouth Challenge and I am really enjoying cycling on my new birthday bike.

Originally from Melbourne, Australia, I left home to go travelling for 12 months in 1988. Even though I have lived in the UK for 27 years and Dorset for the last 16 of them, I still follow the Australian sports teams as I am still an Australian at heart. The test cricket this year was not so good; however considering where the rugby team was 12 months ago they have done brilliantly losing to a great All Black team in the final.

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