Our School Day

Our School Day

8.55am – 3.15pm

Our doors will be open at 8.45am for the children to come into school, hang up their coats, pack away their belongings and be ready in class when the bell goes at 8.55am. As the children are able to come in to school independently please say goodbye to your child/children in the playground – no parent should be in school unless they are visiting the Office

We are implementing this change so that we can start school promptly at 8.55am. Thank you in advance for your assistance in ensuring the children have a positive start to their daily learning. If your child is late please ensure that you come into the Office to sign them in.

The total daily teaching time for KS2, excluding the Act of Worship and breaks, is 4 hours and 45 minutes.

Children should arrive at school between 8.45 and 8.55 am.

Reception class children may be brought into the classroom but older children should be able to enter the school on their own. It is obviously undesirable for classes to be interrupted, if it can be avoided, but it is usually possible to talk to the class teacher or Head before school starts or at 3.30 pm.

If you should ring and the telephone is unanswered then please leave a message on the answerphone and we will call back as soon as possible. If a response is required please remember to leave a telephone number where you can be contacted.

The best times to phone are before 8.55 am or after 3.15 pm. The telephone number is Bere Regis (01929) 471334.

School staff cannot be responsible for children arriving before 8.45 am and parents are expected to collect their children promptly after school.

School Starts

8.55 a.m.

Break Time

10.35 a.m. – 10.50 a.m.

Lunch Time

KS1 (Reception, 1 & 2)  12 noon – 1.05 p.m.

KS2 (Years 3 – 6)  12 noon – 12.55 p.m.

School Finishes

3.15 p.m.