School Clousure

School Closure

Bad Weather Procedure

The County Council recommends the following procedure in bad weather conditions:

“Neither County Council or private contract vehicles will run in the afternoon, when, because of bad weather conditions, they have not run in the morning.

Parents who decide to bring their children to school in the morning in bad weather, because the bus has not run, should do so only if they are prepared to collect their children in the afternoon.

If the school has to close early, every effort will be made to contact parents, and some co-operation between neighbours, on this issue, is highly desirable”.

However, we must stress that:

a) No child would ever be sent home during normal school hours unaccompanied. Children would be kept in school until collected by a parent or another responsible adult.

b) If there is a sudden, severe snowstorm please feel free to collect your child. No child would be allowed to go home unaccompanied in these conditions.

c) We will endeavour to contact all parents via the ‘Parentmail’ system; please ensure that you keep up up-dated with a current mobile number at all times.

Rest assured that we would do our best to contact someone near you with a message, but circumstances in a rapidly worsening situation might cause difficulty.

Parents living locally might find it useful to telephone the school if very bad weather sets in. In the event of heavy snowfall or the onset of weather conditions which might make the opening of the school uncertain, parents are advised to listen to the Schools Information Broadcast on Two Counties Radio (2CR) in the morning as this is often the only way in which parents can be readily contacted.

Please tune into FM102.3 at quarter to and quarter past the hour, between 6.45 and 8.45 am, and from 4.45 to 5.45 pm.

We will also announce any school closure on the front page of this website.