School Travel Plan

Our Travel Plan

Bere Regis School lies on the C6 road, Rye Hill, Bere Regis. The increase in traffic volumes, particularly goods vehicles and the higher speeds of all traffic as well as MOD movement have become an overwhelming concern for most parents and Governors.

The School Governors have maintained a continued dialogue with parents, Parish Council, County Council and the MOD in an effort to resolve the issue with limited progress. The School Travel Plan has been compiled to further support the school’s efforts to enhance pupils safety.

The main aims of the Travel Plan are to encourage parents to include at least a little walking in the daily journey for their child’s fitness and health, to reduce the number of cars in and around the school grounds and to improve safety, air quality and stress levels.

The new ‘Safer Routes to School’ pathway is complete with a manned zebra crossing operational outside the school. As a school we are still involved with the Parish Council in monitoring volumes of traffic, particularly MOD movements. Our outdoor shelters in the playground are now complete and are proving a valuable addition to the school premises for children, staff and parents.

School Bus / Taxi

A school bus/taxi is provided free of charge by the County, to transport children who live outside the walking limits of the school. There is normally room on the taxi for children, who live some distance away but inside the limits, to travel, although there will be a charge levied by DCC. Further information about school transport can be obtained direct from the School Transport Team at DCC.

Parents are urged to ensure their children remain seated and behave sensibly on the school bus. A timetable is issued to bus users at the beginning of the school year. Children using school transport are escorted to the bus at 3.15 p.m.

Car Parking

In the interests of Road Safety, parents, bringing children to school by car, are requested to park on the road below the school bus space, or further up the road towards Green Close. The bus parks by the large school gates to let children on and off. Parents are asked not to turn their cars in that gateway. Car parking is only allowed in the playground when meetings or activities are taking place.

It is dangerous to leave cars on the steep hill below the school for any length of time.

N.B. Car parking on the opposite side of the road is forbidden by the police for safety reasons.

All children walking to school from the village should use the crossing patrol outside the school gates.