Day 3 Avon Tyrrell – Afternoon and Evening

Day 3 Avon Tyrrell – Afternoon and Evening

After a delicious lunch we all headed off to have a go at pioneering – the construction of catapults! Two groups went head to head in making huge structures with large wooden poles and ropes, aiming tennis balls at barrels. Abi used her super strength to launch her tennis ball further than anyone, but Angus came a close second. A great time was had by all!
Group 1 then moved onto the Zip Wire activity, which was set in stunning woodland and over a lily-filled lake. The peace didn’t last and the air was still filled with squeals! Each pupil succeeded in leaping off a 10m pole, including one very brave girl who overcame her worst fears. It is always a very proud moment for all…

Wednesday night

Great fun was had by all with ‘mocktails’ and spa fun – everyone had a great evening, and most were asleep at at a reasonable hour!

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