Day 3 – Avon Tyrrell

After another super breakfast, and waving goodbye to Mrs Opalka, they were hyped up for another busy day.
Archery: Group 1 – with Miss Adcock.
All pupils were really good at archery during the practice rounds, but when the competition element came in with girls vs boys, it really started to heat up. The girls won the first game 7-4 and were rather girly about it. The second game involved winning snakes and ladders by gaining more points on the target board, and the boys won that round! The penultimate activity involved each pupil using 4 arrows to get a total of 21. Sharnae did very well with scoring 20, but Angus and Abi won with 21! They then had had to work as one big team to hit the White, black, blue, red then gold in order. It was tricky!

There highest totals that they scored at the very end were;

Angus: 27

Sharnae: 17

Lucy: 11

Harrison: 5

Harry: 4

Abi: 0

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