Governors’ Newsletter – March 2017

Governors’ Newsletter – March 2017

Governors' Newsletter

Please read our full Governors’ Newsletter here: March 2017 v2

We’re in! After many years of planning, negotiating, building, negotiating, packing, negotiating, unpacking and yet more negotiating, the good folk of Bere Regis Primary and Pre-School are finally in their brand new school building. Whilst we spent the days before Christmas at the old school ensuring that everything which we needed to take was ready to go, the final push to get everything installed and ready was happening at the new school. Furniture deliveries, systems installation, placing notice boards and laying carpets was happening alongside the (not always easy) task of packing crates and filling the skip with whatever could not be used.
In the first week of term after Christmas, whilst the children enjoyed an extra week of holiday, the staff were all in school making a gargantuan effort to get everything ready. It was almost overwhelming on the first day back to see the mountain of crates, boxes and equipment stacked in the entrance hall, corridors and classrooms but we set to work as a team to get it done. Within the first two days, most things had been allocated a proper place and were well on the way to being sorted. The image which came to mind was that of an ants’ nest, where the eggs had been disturbed and the ants worked tirelessly to remove everything to a place of safety, moving as one to get the job done.

On January 9th 2017, the children returned to school. We invited parents, grandparents and carers to stay in school for an hour, to have a cup of coffee, meet members of the design and construction teams and have a tour of the building and grounds. Parents commented on how light and spacious the school feels and how, like the Tardis, it is much bigger on the inside than it looks from outside The central corridor is wide and high, and is such a light, airy space that it almost has the feel of a cathedral.

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