Our Sports

Whilst we have limited facilities at our current school, the children enjoy a wide-range of activities throughout the year. From football, rugby and hockey in the winter months through to ball skills and athletics in the summer term, the children learn the basic skills and rules of the sport in question.

Our annual Sports Day is eagerly anticipated by all the teams who take part and who are ably supported by parents and friends cheering from the sidelines.

In the summer term we take the KS2 children swimming at the Purbeck Sports Centre in order to fulfil the Government requirement for all children to be able to swim by age 11. Whilst there, the children are able to take advantage of sports such as tennis and netball that we cannot accommodate at present.

The move to our new school in 2017 will give us access to football pitches, tennis courts and a level playing field (!) as well as a hall suitable for indoor use when the weather is bad.

Sports News