5th May 2016

E-Safety Newsletter Summer 2016

At Bere Regis School we take the issue of e-safety very seriously, in conjunction with our normal safeguarding procedures. We have recently held sessions in school by ‘bCyberwise’ (a part of Life Education Wessex) who worked with our Year 4, 5 and 6 children about keeping safe on line and the dangers that can be encountered.
6th February 2016

E-Safety Newsletter Spring 2016

This term we are looking at Cyberbullying, Safe apps for kids ask.fm, parents and young people’s use of social media in relation to schools and YouTubers or Vloggers. A new parent resource is also available –see later in the issue.
6th September 2015

E-Safety Newsletter Autumn 2015

This term we are looking at Minecraft, Kik, the risks of In-app purchases and how resilience can help our children enjoy the internet.