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Welcome & pre-school contact details

Welcome to Pebbles

On behalf of all the staff here at Pebbles Pre-School we would like to extend a warm welcome to you and your children. Starting pre-school is a very exciting and important stage in your child’s life and we hope they will enjoy their time here with us. Our dedicated staff want the very best for your child; we understand that they must feel happy, valued, safe and secure to enable them to reach their full potential and this is always our aim.

Session Times and daily routine

Pre-school is open for the following sessions, each day.

  • Breakfast Club - 7:45am – 8:45am (Over 3's only) ​
  • Morning Session - 8:45am – 11:45am​
  • Lunch Club – 11:45am – 12:15pm​
  • Afternoon Session – 12:15pm – 3:15pm

Every day the children will have access to a variety of adult-led and self-chosen activities. This will include an opportunity to share stories and rhymes, take part in physical activities and enjoy the outdoor environment.

Phonics - Children are introduced to phonics through the Read Write Inc Phonics programme. In pre-school, children are introduced to a sound per week, with daily practice of oral blending and segmenting. They aim to learn all set one sounds, during the course of the year. Parents are provided with QR codes, which provide access to short films, which they can access at home to support their child’s learning.

Outdoors - It is important for children to have daily access to the outdoor area for their physical and mental development. The benefits include; they get to let off steam, improve gross physical development, improves mood, encourages confidence and much more.

Lunches and Snacks

Snack - At pre-school we are passionate about promoting a healthy lifestyle. We provide morning and afternoon snack, which we involve the children in preparing. Snack usually consists of fruit and or vegetables and a carbohydrate option, e.g. bagel/crumpet.​ Snack of the day is displayed on the Pebbles door, so that parents and carers can see what their children will be able to choose from that day.

Lunches – Children in Pebbles can either access the hot school meals option, as per the main school, or may bring a packed lunch. If you provide a packed lunch for your child, please remember: ​

  • We have a no nut policy in school, this includes peanut butter and chocolate spread. ​
  • We also ask that your child's lunches contain a protein element, e.g. cheese or ham in sandwiches/wraps; please do not send jam. ​
  • Please provide a named water bottle filled with water.
  • Please include some fruits, salad or vegetables for plenty of vitamins and minerals.​

Our current curriculum is Year A

Curriculum Year A

Autumn 1st Half Term
Autumn Days

Autumn 2nd Half Term

Spring 1st half Term
Our favourite Stories

Spring 2nd half Term
Growing Plants

Summer 1st Half Term
People Who Help Us

Summer 2nd Half Term
Under the Sea

Curriculum Year B 

Autumn 1st Half Term
All About Me

Autumn 2nd Half Term

Spring 1st half Term

Spring 2nd half Term
Life Cycles

Summer 1st Half Term
Once Upon a Time

Summer 2nd Half Term